Sports Massage

We currently have two Sports Massage Therapists based here at TWC:

Correana White and Loretta Daley.

Correana White

Correana started in the health and fitness industry in 2000 and has never stopped learning. She branched out from personal training to incorporate diet and mental wellbeing as part of her CHEK practitioner qualifications, enabling her to help her clients holistically.  


 Benefits of Sports massage include:

  • Relief from muscular aches and pains
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improve posture
  • Assisted detox
  • Improved mobility
  • Emotional release

Sports Massage Rates:

  • 30min session - Normal Price £30.
  • 1Hr session - Normal Price £50.

Special offers:

  • 20% off first Sports Massage.
  • Block book 5 and get 1 more as a gift from me.


"My recent plunge into weight training had left me with very tense and painful back muscles. Correana's sports massage was amazing and hugely effective at loosening up my back muscles and relieving the pain I was in. I would highly recommend Correana's sports massage to anyone who does regular sport to aid muscle recovery and increase overall performance. " - Kira


Correana treats sports massage clients from across Cardiff, Caerphilly, Bridgend and Newport.

For more details contact Correana on:


Tel: 07779471642





LORETTA DALEY has recently joined us here at TWC






Loretta has been qualified as a Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage Therapist for 18 years, and a a Physiotherapist for 10 years. 


Loretta treats a range of musculo-skeletal conditions, resulting from sport, work, and age-related changes.

Sports Massage can be used as an aid to performance and recovery in sport, and as a valuable pain management tool for a wide range of medical conditions.




Full Body Deep Tissue / Sports Massage                             1 Hr             £40

Half Body Deep Tissue/Sports Massage:-                                         


Legs and low back, or Neck, Shoulders &Back                     45 mins       £30

Runners leg massage                                                            30 mins       £20

‘Office’ Neck & Shoulders                                                      30 mins       £20


Fore more information, or to make an appointment, ring the clinic on 02920 617700 or email