Sports Massage

Sports massage is beneficial at various stages of your training routine regardless of what level you participate. When used alongside a training programme a regular massage can help to maintain and improve muscle health, your flexibility and ranges of motion. Sports massage can be used to prepare the body for an event, or after to help it return to a pre-event state. 


Sports massage is not just for athletes, these techniques can also be beneficial in reducing tension, aches and tight muscles that can develop from postural, occupational and everyday activities. By having a regular sports massage you can relieve discomfort and prevent the build up of tight muscles, allowing you to continue with day to day activities  .


Benefits of sports massage:

  • Increase power and performance
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve recovery times
  • Increase muscle length and ranges of motion 
  • Mobilize scar tissue
  • Increase tissue hydration 
  • Decrease or eliminate pain
  • Increase blood flow to tissue and promote healing
  • Reduce inflammation

We currently have two Sports Massage Therapists based here at TWC:, Loretta Daley and Gareth Warburton. Please click on their images below for more details and prices.

Loretta Daley

Gareth Warburton