Francesco is a passionate Complementary Therapist, offering Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy Massage.


 After completing a Level 3 course in Health Sciences and Social Care Professions, he decided to expand upon his qualifications and attended a Level 4 course in Complementary Healthcare at PACA Institute in Brighton. Not settling with that, he is currently studying on a full  degree course in Complementary Healthcare at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

 Francesco is an all rounded therapist, bringing his expertise into every treatment. 



Francesco also does Holistic and Aromatherapy Massage.  For more information visit  the Holistic and Aromatherapy page.


REFLEXOLOGY is "the use of a sophisticated system of touch, usually on feet; but sometimes on the hands, ears, face tongue or back;  in which the area being massaged is thought to correspond to a map of the whole body.


In this way, working on specific areas of the body of the feet can influence other areas of the body.

Reflexology is not simply a massage, but is also a powerful system of health care, useful for achieving and maintaining health and enhancing well being, as well as for relieving symptoms of illness and disease. 


 It is expounded as a means of maintaining homeostasis, aiding relaxation, and triggering the body's own innate self-healing capacity. (Lett,2000)"


Quoted from: Mackereth, P. (2005). Clinical reflexology. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone. p5.





50 min clinical reflexology - £45





STUDENT DISCOUNT (must show NUS card) 25% off any treatment

SENIOR DISCOUNT (over 65) 25 % off any treatment




50% off the very first treatment (can choose any)


Buy a course of 5 treatment (50 min each) and get the 6th free



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