What is the difference between a chiropractor and an osteopath?

Both chiropractors and osteopaths treat in Cardiff, and there are many similarities between chiropractic and osteopathy treatments.

Both are mainly hands on treatments and both professions are regulated by law. Both use a combination of manipulation, mobilisations, and soft tissue work.


When we first graduate the predominant difference is the way we adjust/manipulate patients, osteopaths use longer leavers with larger movements during manipulation, and more mobilisation than manipulation techniques. Over the years different techniques are picked up through seminars and workshops, and some chiropractors and osteopaths become more similar in the way they practice, than to someone in the same profession.


More recent graduates of chiropractic (last 10-15 years) trained as 'diversified chiropractors' which means they learn a combination of different techniques, so they can utilise what is best for the patient. It is then up to the individual practitioner to use the techniques they find most effective and that is where inter-practitioner differences can come in.


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