How Many Treatments Will I Need?


Your recovery will be influenced by many factors such as age, lifestyle, type of problem, and all these factors need to be taken into account.


For minor problems, sometimes only a couple of treatments may be needed. The vast majority though will need a course designed for their particular problem. The majority of treatments will take place in the first couple of weeks. As your problem improves you will be put on to a longer period between sessions until you are able to stay clear and have no relapses. For those with more chronic cases maintenance treatment may be suggested for the long-term to maintain improvement.


During your report of findings, your chiropractor will tell you about the result of your initial consultation, they will explain how many treatments you are likely to need and the likely timescales, and of course answer all your questions.


Research indicates the average number of treatments required is 5-6 treatments. Some patients have physical rehabilitation alongside their treatment to restore correct muscle function. Most patients only need one course of treatment, but some patients need/want supportive care to ensure their problem doesn't return.