How can I help myself?

Prevention is Key!!

Maintain good posture and fitness levels to minimise stress on muscles and joints. Address you injuries properly, don't just hope for the best, and get them checked out so they don't lead to further problems.


Injury and degenerative changes are common causes of pain, but often it is simple things that we do every day that causes our problems. Look at how you drive, sit, lift, sleep, use your laptop or mobile. All these over a period of time combine to weaken the muscles and joints to a point where they start to fail. This in turn causes you pain and discomfort.

Ice/heat advice

For moments of acute pain/injury (first few weeks) it is best to apply an ice pack (bag of frozen peas etc), this will slow blood flow and in turn reduce inflammation and pain, hour. Heat does the opposite (increases blood flow) and is good for chronic joint pain (arthritis) or muscular pain, using a hot water bottle or wheat bag. Both should be wrapped in kitchen towel/pillow case, to prevent direct contact with the skin, as that can cause heat or ice burns. Apply for 15-20 minutes on the affected area/s, and this can then be repeated up to around every 1 hour. Both should feel comfortable, not painful, if this is the case the packs are either too hot/cold, and a thicker barrier should be used i.e. towel, until the temperature is comfortable but can still be felt.


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