Is Chiropractic for you?

Chiropractic treatment is adaptable to people of all ages, including babies, pregnant women and patients with osteoporosis. All fitness levels can also benefit from treatment, from the more sedentary to professional sports players. We see a wide variety of patients, both long and short term pain sufferers, ranging from severe/intense pain to niggles. If you are not sure if chiropractic treatment could help your condition, please contact our clinic where our team will be happy to offer advice.





Chiropractors primarily use a technique called spinal manipulative therapy (SMT). It helps to reduce pain and correct dysfunction in joints and muscles, treating the cause. SMT is a precise, high velocity, low amplitude (high speed, low force) thrust that is delivered by the hands to the dysfunctional joint. Occasionally during SMT you may hear a 'pop' or 'click' from the joint, which is completely normal during a stretch of a joint (the same as when people click their fingers), however, the audible release is not what the chiropractor is aiming for, it is the improvement of joint function.


We understand that some people are nervous about chiropractic treatment and we pay special attention to the comfort of anxious patients.


Andrea offers a functional massage treatment as an alternative to chiropractic manipulation, for those patients where manipulation is contraindicated, or if is something the patient doesn't want. It invloves using chiropractic diagnostic techniques to locate specific injuries or dysfunction, and using a combination of soft tissue massage and chiropractic stretches/mobilisations, it aims to provide pain relief.  

Suitable for a wide range of patients ranging from sports injuries and general muscluar pain, to arthritis and osteoporosis.


You can rest assured, once you’ve been to our clinic, you’ll feel comfortable coming back again and again. If you are uncomfortable with any form of treatment at all, please inform your chiropractor as they can suggest and use other techniques to treat the area.


Treatments offered:

  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy
  • Joint Mobilisations
  • Trigger Point Therapy/ soft tissue massage
  • Activator 
  • Thompson Drops
  • SOT blocks
  • Prescriptive Exercises
  • Lifestyle Advice