Summertime has arrived and with it the added need for us to take extra care of our necks, backs and spines to avoid pain and injury…


The arrival of sunshine means it’s time to pack away your winter jumpers and pull out your racket, trainers, clubs or trowel for a bout of summer activities and getting fit. However, a lot of sports activity can bring unwanted pain and discomfort, so be sure to follow these simple steps for a happy and safe summer of sport.


RUNNERS can avoid injury by regular stretching of the tendons and wearing good shoes with shock-absorbing features.


RACKET-SPORTS PLAYERS should be wary of playing through the pain of Tennis Elbow, which can come from any repetitive arm/hand movement of the thumb outwards and the palm upwards (i.e. twisting the right hand clockwise of the left hand anti-clockwise). Continuing to play will exacerbate the problem.


GOLFERS are particularly prone to lower back injuries. Graphite clubs and soft spiked shoes will help absorb the shock which can bring on back injury. Make sure that you warm-up before teeing off at each hole as your muscles may have stiffened on the putting green and waiting on the tee for your turn.  Use a repeated slow controlled version of your drive to warm up so that these particular muscles are warmed and stretched before they take the full force of the actual drive.


GARDENERS commonly suffer from aches and pains, but they can avoid lower back trouble by kneeling on one leg rather than bending from the hips, keeping the back hollow whilst digging and varying tasks throughout the day to avoid repetition injury.


DIY like gardening, is often done with vigour, but irregularly. When the sun is shining many will want to get on with the long list of DIY jobs that have piled up over the colder months. Enthusiasts often injure their back by inhabitual exertion, so when lifting, take the weight on bent legs, keeping the back straight.  Remember this is a probably unusual activity for your body, so be kind!