Sports Massage - Loretta Daley


Loretta has been qualified as a Sports Massage/Deep Tissue Massage Therapist for 18 years, and a a Physiotherapist for 10 years. 


Loretta treats a range of musculo-skeletal conditions, resulting from sport, work, and age-related changes.


Sports Massage can be used as an aid to performance and recovery in sport, and as a valuable pain management tool for a wide range of medical conditions.




Full Body Deep Tissue / Sports Massage                             1 Hr             £40


Half Body Deep Tissue/Sports Massage:-   

Legs and low back, or Neck, Shoulders &Back                     45 mins       £30

Runners leg massage                                                            30 mins       £20

‘Office’ Neck & Shoulders                                                      30 mins       £20


Fore more information, or to make an appointment, ring the clinic on 02920 617700 or email