Sports Massage - Gareth Warburton

Gareth is a former professional athlete and Olympic Runner. Branching into Sports therapy, massage and rehabilitation after a successful track career was a natural step and somewhat of a calling for him.


He said. “I love helping people, and try to give every client the best possible treatment for their problem, whether that’s getting them ready for a competition, helping with work related pain or referring them on, if I am unable to help them” 


As each client is different Gareth's treatment can vary depending upon the problem or issue that comes into the clinic. On your first appointment Gareth will take you through an initial consultation, screening and assessment, to work out the best course of treatment moving forward.


30 Mins Treatment - £30

1 Hr Treatment - £45

90 Mins - £70

Block of 3 - 1 Hrs. - £120


For more details contact Gareth on:

Tel: 07798564177