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  • A Wilson     

" 100%  Professional and knowledgeable Chiropractic service provided"


  •  A. Davies                                                                                                       

  " I was beginning to think that age was creeping up on me as I struggled to put on socks and do up shoes, but after one treatment my flexibility has improved no end.  Already much closer to touching toes than I have been for months and that was within 24 hours.  After my next treatment I am planning to hit the dance floor!"


  • Amber Carter

"A big thank you to Andrea for seeing me this morning for my first chiro' appointment. She was really knowledgeable and friendly, and helped to explain what was going on with the pain I'm experiencing."

  • Douglas Worsfold

"After many years of suffering with muscles and back problems, and also going through the minefield of private and NHS so called professionals, I decided to make an appointment with ANDREA at TWC. Not looking for immediate miracles, just some relief from the discomfort. I was pleasantly impressed by ANDREA'S professional approach and the questions she asked during the consultation, she then proceeded to apply some treatment (I did warn her that it would not be easy, due to the knotting of my muscles and the length of time that they had been in that condition). I was so impressed with ANDREA, her strength, her knowledge and her professionalism, it was only my first visit but I left there with hope and encouragement."

  • Andrea Thomas

"After suffering with severe neck pain for several months I decided to visit a chiropractor. Andrea was recommended to me after chatting with someone in a supermarket queue. Andrea suggested I have an x ray done via my GP to save on cost before deciding on the best form of treatment, unfortunately surgery is the only cure for my complaint but with gentle treatment the severe pain I was experiencing has all but gone. I still visit Andrea but I only need to go now once a month just for a top up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone, her bubbly personality alone will make you feel better."


  • Peter Greatrex

"I would be happy to recommend a visit to the Whitchurch Clinic. Andrea Howell helped me on the road to recovery with a long standing shoulder problem that `would not go away !`. Andrea not only provided effective treatment, but also gave me professional self-help advice to rehabilitate my shoulder. Thank you so much - a great service."


  • Steve Davis

"I went to The Whitchurch Clinic with neck, shoulder and back pain, after a series of sessions the problems are resolved. Andrea was very professional and a true expert in her field. I would recommend TWC as only the required sessions and treatments were suggested, I received value for money and my neck, shoulder and back problems are gone, thank you TWC." 


  • Jane Richards

"Friends and family had been telling me to see a chiropractor about my frozen shoulder for ages, and Andrea came highly recommended. I must admit I was a bit sceptical and worried about going, but I was put at ease straight away. She gave great advice and ways for me to help myself. 'Touch wood' a month on and I'm still feeling fantastic, and she even sorted my back out too!"


  • 'Barcelona' ( review) 

"Great for reluctant patients - I had a lower back pain problm due to a bank holiday decorating project plus an ongoing upper stiffness due to my job at a computer. All resolved by Andrea. Must admit I am the worlds worst patient leaving things untill I have to seek help. Andrea is really understanding and really put me at ease."

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