MSc, BSc 





Amy McClelland  is a Coaching Psychologist trained at Cardiff University School of Psychology, specialising in Individual and Organisational Wellbeing.


Having worked in Psychology for 12 years, she uses a mixture of 'hard' and 'soft' psychology (an essential Yin, Yang balance) to guide individuals and organisations into improved health, performance, and sustainability through these current times of rapid global change and evolution.


She has thoroughly enjoyed being the Director of SleepWales for 11 years and has successfully helped 100’s of people to overcome chronic sleeplessness.


Sleep is the backbone of good health, without it we struggle to function, our mood is affected and our overall wellbeing is drastically affected. Amy offers one to one consultations to help adults and children to get better sleep and to develop a ‘formula’ for deep rest which matches their unique story and personality.


Clients usually attend for 3 sessions (1 hour each), where she uses CBT and Mindfulness-based approaches to change habits, reduce anxiety and work towards better, healthier sleep.


During the session she will also sign post clients to evidence based supplements and natural remedies which are proven to help sleep. She has seen 100’s of clients who can testify to feeling more relaxed and less anxious about sleep and to feeling more confident that they ‘can’ enjoy more rest. In many cases, clients feel that after 3 sessions, they no longer need to come back and can move forward without giving sleep much thought.


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