Claire-Louise Carter Pilates, Cardiff

Pilates can be enjoyed by almost everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Claire’s approach to working with her clients is practical and facilitative, collaborating to find the best way forward to achieve optimum flexibility, strength and ease of movement that enhances quality of life. The Client is empowered to take what they learn in their detailed sessions and apply it in their everyday lives.


A former General Nurse with 29 years’ experience of working in all areas of health care, Claire attended Pilates classes for 5 years, with the aim to recover successfully after surgery. Claire trained to become a Pilates Instructor after experiencing it transform her own body - being able to move freely and without pain, with ease and confidence changed her life. This very welcome transformation inspired her to train in The Pilates Method so that she could share it with others.

One to One Pilates

Claire is especially interested in working with individuals on a one to one basis.


One to one Pilates sessions begin with a detailed individual postural assessment, which lasts one hour. The hour includes a postural assessment, an introduction to the principles of Pilates, and an individual plan. One to one sessions then continue, working with the Client, until they are ready to join a class.


The cost of the one to one session at TWC is £45.50.


Claire also runs regular beginners’ courses for newcomers to Pilates.

For details regarding up and coming courses, please contact Claire by emailing her on:

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