Aaron Morton Training

Aaron Morton helps people upgrade their health. He has been a personal trainer for over 7 years working with clients from ages 18 right up to 72 years old. He is experienced in working with people who have recurrent knee and back pain and helps them increase strength and using their body more effectively.

A degree in Sport Science and a Personal Trainer & Coach for 6 years, as well as qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy, he is experienced and well equipped to help you reach a new level in Brain & Body efficiency.


"From Students to pensioners, Marathon runners to Law Partners I have worked with a wide range of individuals to regain control of their Brain & Body." 


"In order to be stronger, feel fitter and get the maximum benefit from your exercise, you have to know where your body is weakest & vulnerable to injury. This is where my movement & nutritional assessment comes in! I will perform a thorough assessment of your body and how you move that will show me how making just some small tweaks can make the world of difference!" 


Special Offer For The Whitchurch Clinic 

Discover how to move better & feel stronger with a Movement & Nutritional Assessment for £25 (Value -£95)

 I designed this assessment after 7 years as a personal trainer working with busy professionals who had spent years desk bound and needed to get their body healthy again.

So if you want to move better, get a stronger body and feel healthier, this special offer is for you.

if you are interest in finding out more about the assessment go to: www.aaronmorton.co/whitchurch



"Although I was fit for my age at the time (60) I asked him to improve my strength so that I could maintain my position in current hockey teams. I have to say I was surprised at the results achieved and it has enabled me to stand out amongst my teammates" T.Brothers

For more details contact Aaron direct on:

Phone: 0292 196 1020 | Email : info@aaronmorton.co