What should I expect on my first visit to a chiropractor?

Your first appointment includes:

  • Taking a history of your condition
  • Medical history
  • Examination
  • Report of findings
  • First treatment (if appropriate)

Through the appropriate history taking and examination we will formulate a diagnosis, and if you are happy, we follow up by providing the appropriate treatment. In some cases the treatment we can offer may not be the best option for you, in which case we would make the appropriate referral on you behalf, and support you in finding a solution to your problem.


To ensure the best outcome, and reduce the likelihood of re-injury our chiropractor offers a physical rehabilitation service tailored to you and your needs. One-on-one tuition provides you with peace of mind and support to get the best results.


The video below is a British Chiropractic Association (BCA) publication, which explains in more detail what to expect.